A simple visualisation helper.

class PyEMD.Visualisation(emd_instance=None)[source]

Simple visualisation helper.

This class is for quick and simple result visualisation.

plot_imfs(imfs=None, residue=None, t=None, include_residue=True)[source]

Plots and shows all IMFs.

All parameters are optional since the emd object could have been passed when instantiating this object.

The residual is an optional and can be excluded by setting include_residue=False.

plot_instant_freq(t, imfs=None, order=False, alpha=None)[source]

Plots and shows instantaneous frequencies for all provided imfs.

The necessary parameter is t which is the time array used to compute the EMD. One should pass imfs if no emd instances is passed when creating the Visualisation object.

orderbool (default: False)

Represents whether the finite difference scheme is low-order (1st order forward scheme) or high-order (6th order compact scheme). The default value is False (low-order)

alphafloat (default: None)

Filter intensity. Default value is None, which is equivalent to alpha = 0.5, meaning that no filter is applied. The alpha values must be in between -0.5 (fully active) and 0.5 (no filter).